Anchal Nigam

Development of diagnostic/prognostic DNA methylation tools

Anchal Nigam MSc

Early Stage Researcher 10
Name: Anchal Nigam
Gender: Female
Country of Birth: India
MSc in: Biochemical Technology (Madurai Kamaraj University, India)

Marie Skłodowska Curie PhD Fellowship in Cell/ Molecular/Medical Biology at the company Epiontis GmbH (Epiontis), Berlin, Germany, supervised by Dr Sven Olek, registered as PhD student at (Charité or) Humboldt-University.

Project: “Development of diagnostic/prognostic DNA methylation tools”

Supervision: PI Dr Sven Olek (Epiontis), the Humboldt or Charité Supervisor will be identified; EpiPredict co-PI Dr Verschure (UvA, NL)

PhD programme: Various graduate schools and programs possible, e.g., Berlin-Brandenburg School of Regenerative Therapies

Key Objectives & Expected Results


  • To develop a sensitive DNA methylation detection method for various loci
  • To test the diagnostic methylation kit on patient samples

Expected Results

  • Achieve experimental strategies suitable for targeted DNA methylation, possibly CE labelled products
  • Insight whether DNA methylation interference affects selected resistance genes in resistance-induced clones

Host training: Cell/tissue DNA methylation analyses, product development (R&D).

Planned secondment(s): UvA: Bioinformatics/modelling (M14-15), ICL: Epigenetic profiles (M10-11), MTA-SZBK: DNA methylation interference tools (M21)