Early bird registration of our #SysEpi2018 conference postponed until September 1


View the updated #SysEpi2018 conference poster and flyer!

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Early bird registration of our #SysEpi2018 conference postponed until July 1


View the updated #SysEpi2018 conference poster and flyer!

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Epigenome Editing, Methods and Protocols


EpiPredict researchers describe state-of-the-art methods to study epigenetic reprogramming of cell.

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Lecturer in the Spotlight: Pernette Verschure


Interview with Pernette Verschure in the UvA Science newsletter.

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Video ‘Conversations about Breast Cancer with Researchers & Patients’


During the Science Cafe meeting at Maggie's centre West London, EpiPredict PhD students presented their research to breast cancer (ex) patients and had engaging conversations about how patients and scientists could work together better.

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What we talk about when we talk about CRISPR


CRISPR CRISPR CRISPR! - Everybody talks about it, but what is it really?! In our new blog with EpiPredict fellow Emre Sofyali we answer exactly this question!

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Have a look at our #SysEpi2018 conference poster


View the #SysEpi2018 conference poster and flyer with all the relevant data, including the confirmed speakers!

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Lecture for children in Nemo Science museum


Dr Pernette Verschure gave a scientific lecture for children answering the question 'Why are we human all so different from each other?' in Nemo Science museum Amsterdam.

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Every scientist should meet a patient, EpiPredict blog published in Medium


Insides from Breast Cancer researcher Dr Luca Magnani from Imperial College London, UK. EpiPredict PhD fellow Simone Borgoni, from the German Cancer Research Centre, DKFZ, DE, interviewed Dr Magnani and wrote a blog for Medium.

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Announcement conference Systems Epigenetics: Towards Precision Cancer Medicine, Amsterdam, NL, 27-30 November 2018


We are honored to announce the conference ‘Systems Epigenetics: Towards Precision Cancer Medicine’ that we organize in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 27-30 November 2018.

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Why scientists investigate 'epigenetics' in their quest to defeat breast cancer, a video by EpiPredict researchers


In this video Daniel Vilar Jorge explains why we study epigenetics in the resistance to endocrine therapy in breast cancer. It was first publicly presented during our first Science Café organized at DKFZ, Heidelberg, 2017.

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Behind the scenes - Interview with a female data scientist who is studying data of breast cancer cells


Read our next blog in Medium by EpiPredict fellow Maryam Soleimani Dodaran (UvA, NL). She explains her role in the EpiPredict international research effort as data scientist.

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Imperial Science cafe by the EpiPredict fellows at Maggie's Centre West London


EpiPredict fellows pitched their research and answered the excellent questions by the (ex-) patients and their representatives.

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Third annual EpiPredict Project Meeting at Imperial College London, UK


The EpiPredict consortium comes together at Hammersmith campus, Imperial College London, 9-15 December 2017. It includes communication/entrepreneurial training, project meeting, ICL research sessions and the Imperial Science Cafe at the Maggie's Centre.

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Emre Sofyali winner best presentation at third annual EpiPredict project meeting


The EpiPredict award for best presentation during the ICL project meeting went to Emre Sofyali (ESR6, DKFZ, Heidelberg).

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Knowledge is power: Would you share your genome data or keep it private? Third EpiPredict blog published on Medium


Two EpiPredict early stage researchers on epigenetics. Stefania Astrologo (ESR1, UvA, NL) and Désirée Goubert (ESR8, UMCG, NL) wrote together their second blog with EpiPredict outreach partner Science Matter on the online publishing platform Medium.

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TEDx talk by Désirée Goubert


Désirée Goubert gave a TEDx talk in Groningen entitled ‘Epigenetics: the molecular traffic lights of our genetic railway’

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Mini-symposium 'Dynamics of epigenetic gene regulation: From mechanisms to disease'


You are warmly invited to attend the free UvA-SILS-EpiPredict mini-symposium, held in Amsterdam, Wednesday 15 November 2017.

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The epigenome editors: How tools such as CRISPR offer new details about epigenetics in Nature Medicine


EpiPredict's Prof. Dr Marianne Rots (UMCG , NL) was interviewed for the feature story of August 2017 in Nature Medicine.

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Can you control your genes? Yes you can: With epigenetics!’ Second EpiPredict blog published in Medium


Two EpiPredict early stage researchers on epigenetics. Stefania Astrologo (ESR1, UvA, NL) and Désirée Goubert (ESR8, UMCG, NL) wrote together with EpiPredict outreach partner Biotecture a blog in the online publishing platform Medium.

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Cancer research: Together we can achieve so much more; Blog by EpiPredict PI Luca Magnani (ICL)


On World Cancer Day, Italian cancer researcher Dr Luca Magnani tells us about how close European collaboration helped bring about a recent discovery.

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EpiPredict scientists discover novel mechanism behind underlying breast cancer hormone therapy resistance


An international team of researchers, including EpiPredict researchers, discovered a mechanism that makes a common type of breast cancer cells resistant to a specific form of hormone treatment. This was published online in Nature Genetics, 23 Jan 2017.

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Stefania Astrologo winner best presentation


The EpiPredict award for best presentation during the DKFZ project meeting went to Stefania Astrologo (ESR1, University of Amsterdam)

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First EpiPredict blog published in Medium 'From Lab bench to Bed'


Will Beckman (ESR3, UvA) together with EpiPredict Partner Organisation Biotecture wrote a blog in Medium, ‘From Lab bench to Bed, How understanding epigenetics could benefit breast cancer patients’.

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Update: Vacancy closed; Vacancy: PhD fellowship or Early Stage Researcher position


We are recruiting for a: PhD fellowship or Early Stage Researcher position Biotechnology and Bioengineering/Synthetic Biology

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Breaking article on Epibeat site by ICL researchers


Breaking article in by researchers of Imperial College London: “Intragenic methylation: searching for biomarker needles in the epigenetic haystack”.

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Dr Perry Moerland, co-supervisor in EpiPredict, publishes in BMC Medical Genomics


Dr Perry Moerland, co-supervisor in EpiPredict, publishes in BMC Medical Genomics. The article titled Breast cancer subtype predictors revisited: from consensus to concordance?

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EpiPredict supervisors are speakers at the SYSBIO-EPIGEN joint workshop: Epigenetics & System Biology, at the University of Milano-Bicocca


The EpiPredict supervisors Lilia Alberghina, Daniela Gaglio, Pernette Verschure and Hans V. Westerhoff are speakers at the SYSBIO-EPIGEN joint workshop, hosted by Prof. Lilia Alberghina: Epigenetics & Systems Biology, at the University of Milano-Bicocca.

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Take a look at our social media accounts


Visit our Facebook and Twitter accounts to view and interact about our latests stories

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All positions have been filled!


All EpiPredict early stage research positions have been filled

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Kick-off EpiPredict Supervisory Board at the University of Amsterdam


The EpiPredict kick-off meeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 6 March 2015, was a great success.

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EpiPredict represented during the open public programme Beyond the Walls at VondelCS during TEDx Amsterdam


Open public programme ‘Beyond the Walls‘ at VondelCS during the TEDx Amsterdam talk, ‘Epigenetics makes us tick’ given by Dr Pernette Verschure.

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Radio interview with Dr Pernette Verschure on Amsterdam FM


Dr Pernette Verschure, coordinator of the EpiPredict consortium, was interviewed by the Amsterdam FM radio station on 30 September 2014, 17:00.

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4 September 2014: Successful evaluation EpiPredict proposal


The grant preparation phase will start

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