Rohit Bharat

Identifying metabolic rewiring of endocrine resistance pathways

Rohit Bharat MSc

"Understanding cancer metabolic rewiring has been one of my primary research interests! This project within the EpiPredict network really excites me because it gives me a unique opportunity to exploit high-throughput metabolomics as well as computational modelling techniques to understand the interplay between metabolism and epigenetics, and how in turn could lead to cancer drug resistance."


Early Stage Researcher 7
Name: Rohit Bharat
Gender: Male
Country of Birth: India
MSc in: Medical Biotechnology (Manipal University, India)


Marie Skłodowska Curie PhD Fellowship in Cell/Molecular/BioSciences, University of Milano-Bicocca (UNIMIB), Milan, Italy, in the group of Prof. Lilia Alberghina and Prof. Marco Vanoni, at PhD School of Milano Bicocca

Project: “Identifying metabolic rewiring of endocrine resistance pathways”

Supervisors: PI Prof. Alberghina, Prof. Marco Vanoni, co-supervisor Dr Daniela Gaglio (UNIMIB), EpiPredict co-PI Dr Marcel Ruiters (Synvolux)

Key Objectives & Expected Results


  • To characterize metabolic profiling in resistance-induced clones
  • To test the effect of Metformin to rewire metabolic profiles upon resistance induction

Expected Results

  • Insight which metabolic pathways are changed during resistance development
  • Identify which mitochondrial fuels underlie resistance development

Host training: Metabolic/proteomic profiling, mass Profiler Professional software, Pathway database searching/discovery

Planned secondment(s): UvA: Data modelling (M5-7), DKFZ: RPPA profiles/patient outcome (M4-5), Synvolux: Protein/DNA delivery (M3)